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Lea von Bidder, Ava 



  • Why Amazon Still Acts Like a Startup (Even Though It Makes More Than $100 Billion a Year) (August 18, 2017) - Since the beginning, Jeff Bezos has been reminding his team that at Amazon, it is always Day 1. Every year, he reinforces the company’s commitment to this philosophy by republishing the 1997 letter to shareholders in which he mapped out the Day 1 approach. Here’s how he described his vision for Amazon: This is Day […]
  • Dr. Dietmar Grichnik’s Guidelines for Successful Entrepreneurship (August 11, 2017) - In this exceptional video, the GlobalTechBox visit the University of Saint Gallen and talk to Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik about the theoretical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship. With an international academic background in Business Administration and Education, Dr. Dietmar formerly served as both a banker and a professor of Entrepreneurship at the Otto Beisheim School […]

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