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HSG Founder of the Year 2018

Valentin Stalf, N26



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  • What makes you unique? (July 30, 2018) - This field of the Startup Navigator is about defining your unique selling proposition (USP) compared to other market participants. Thunderbolts If you compare your value propositions (VPs) with those of your competitors’, your USP results from the non-existent intersection, which is what the others do not provide or offer (the balance of your VP Competition […]
  • Competitors push you to achieve more (July 6, 2018) - There is always competition, and that is a good thing! Even if you think that you are creating something completely new, there is usually a reference market for comparable products or services. Especially in the startup phase, it is important to learn a lot from the competitors in your market by analyzing and questioning their […]


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