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HSG Founder of the Year 2016

Diego Probst, Caspar Coppetti, Dietmar Grichnik, Manuel Hess (left to right)

Diego Probst, Caspar Coppetti, Dietmar Grichnik, Manuel Hess (left to right), picture by Hannes Thalmann



  • Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017 (March 20, 2017) - There is a revolution going on — the global startup revolution. We are changing the world together. All of us startup leaders and all of us working in different parts of the ecosystem. We are challenging the status quo, putting new ideas to work, and holding fast to the belief—the knowledge—that anyone, anywhere should be […]
  • The Exact 3 Closing Words That Maximize Email Results (March 17, 2017) - by neuromarketing, Roger Dooley et al. If you’re like most people, you write a LOT of emails. And, you probably spend your time focusing on your email’s contents while giving little thought to your closing. However, a new study from email software provider Boomerang suggests that the way you end your emails is a lot […]

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