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HSG Founder of the Year 2017

Lea von Bidder, Ava 



  • ALPHABET IS TRYING TO REINVENT THE CITY, STARTING WITH TORONTO (October 20, 2017) - GOOGLE HAS BUILT an online empire by measuring everything. Clicks. GPS coordinates. Visits. Traffic. The company’s resource is bits of info on you, which it mines, packages, repackages, repackages again, and then uses to sell you stuff. Now it’s taking that data-driven world-building power to the real world. Google is building a city. Tuesday afternoon, public […]
  • Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 (October 13, 2017) - Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 Those starting a business are quite familiar with the complicated process – until, eventually, they have created a well-balanced entrepreneurial design. Whoever wants to learn more about the methods of creative startup culture, should visit the Entrepreneurship Summit. Roughly 100 speakers are scheduled to share their expertise in keynotes, groups, and workshops. […]

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