Date: 04/12/2018, Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Location: HSG, MakerSpace, St.Gallen

International expansion is key for any Start-Up to strengthen the business case and create sustainable success. Learn more about how the S-GE Internationalization Roadmap can help guiding you step-by-step through the key activities and mapping of jobs to be done, from first ideas to up-and-running business in international markets.

Alexandra Schaer is an experienced business developer, strategist and coach for internationalization starters. Prior to her current role as Strategic Projects Lead @ Switzerland Global Enterprises, she has coached, accompanied and supported hundreds of Swiss SME’s in preparing their go-to-market approach to international markets, with a special focus on the U.S. and Canada. Philip Morger is a savvy business developer, manager and consultant. He works as Internationalization Starter Coach @ Switzerland Global Enterprise with a special focus on Start-Ups.

At Switzerland Global Enterprise we are committed to enabling international business growth for Start-Up and SME. As the official Swiss Center of Excellence for Internationalization, we work hard to support Swiss entrepreneurs in their endeavors to conquer new territories in markets across all geographies, together with our global network of Swiss Business Hubs. Local teams in more than 27 locations are ready to make it happen for you, amplified by networks of experienced advisers and local industry experts. As a non-profit organization mandated by the government, Switzerland Global Enterprise is a strong and trusted partner for our entrepreneurial clients as much as for our international business and political network around the world. Get in touch and benefit from the limited offer for Start-Ups @S-GE, with a free membership until 2020. Click HERE for more information.

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