Entrepreneurship Research

Scholars from different discourses shed light on various aspects of the entrepreneurship phenomenon. Together, numerous theoretical research projects with practical relevance are accomplished.

Common stance and research projects:

  • Ph.D. student and research seminars
  • International research projects on entrepreneurship
  • Conferences: Rencontres de Saint Gall, oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Research Journal: Journal of Family Business Strategy
  • Visibility of HSG entrepreneurship research
  • Involvement of guest professors, guest researchers and research talks

Information on ongoing research projects, the research talk series and recent publications can be found at the new Global Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Global Center

Courses on Entrepreneurship topics at the University of St.Gallen

In the following sections, you can find a selection of courses within the entrepreneurship discourse. More information about the individual courses can be found through clicking on the course name (leading to the course fact sheets).