On this page you will find all the relevant Startup Awards, Events and Resources available in Switzerland to help you grow both your own Startup and Entrepreneur Network

Find here smart links that will help you as an entrepreneurhsg-startup

  • Icon providers great for pitch decks: thenounproject or flaticon
  • Marketing Designing platform great for creating Social Media content and Flyers: canva
  • Infographic, great for pitch decks: Infogr.am
  • Startup news in Switzerland: Startupticker
  • Website builder: Wix or WordPress
  • Matching platform for entrepreneurs, great for building up your team or joining a startup: cofoundme
  • Project Management, online tool to help you organize to do lists for teams: Trello
  • Productivity Management, online tool to help schedule and keep track of meetings: Calendly
  • Communication, real time communication platform: Slack
  • Lead Generation/Sales, online tool that helps you find a person’s email based on website/Linkedin, etc…: Hunter
  • The best tools for your startup business: startupresources.io
  • Curated resources and tools for startups: startupstash.com